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Start with our black-box or app, or implement our complete package directly.
Smart and independent products for GPS-positioning and temperature monitoring that offer control, safety and back-office data in our office application.
  • Track your equipment independent of a truck or driver
  • Secure the supply chain to your client
  • Monitor your equipment at anytime, anywhere
A solution where our black box gathers vehicle- and tachograph information and makes it available for Transport Management in our office application
  • Connects the vehicle with the office
  • Enables vehicle services such as Eco-driving, Drive-and resting times and tacho download
  • Possible to grow the solution through adding a mobile screen (via Bluetooth) or fixed screen (via cable)
A flexible solution for managing transport orders and drivers when vehicle information is not necessary. Vehco Mobile is easily downloaded and deployed in Android devices (BYOD).
  • Up and running within minutes
  • With or without connection to vehicle (via Vehco Connect)
  • User friendly and easy to deploy
A complete solution with an onboard computer connected to a fixed android screen that connects transport management, drivers and vehicles in real time.
  • Connects office, driver and vehicle in real-time
  • Robust solution that is “always on”
  • Enables a complete set of functions and services
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