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Empower you drivers and the office team through Vehco Onboard Fleet Management solution

Connects office, driver and vehicle in real-time
Robust solution that is “always on”
Enables a complete set of functions and services
Built in GPS and GSM-modem with roaming for up to 32 countries
Automatic login (requires pre-registered/mapped driver card)
Connects with the vehicle FMS/CAN and Tachograph
Enables vehicle services such as Eco-driving, Drive-and resting times and Remote Tacho Download
Offers driver services such as Order Handling, Eco-driving, Quick Messages, Qualified Activities
Powerful online/offline capabilities (buffers data if offline)
Fits most heavy trucks and buses (HCV)
All data is presented in Weboffice through a powerful map with all key functions available just clicks away
A complete solution where the vehicle computer is connected to a fixed android tablet that enables effective communication between transport management, drivers and vehicles in real time.

Vehco Onboard is a Fleet Management Solution for progressive transport companies who want to streamline operations by connecting transportation management, drivers and vehicles in real time. This robust solution, that is "always on”, provides a large number of user-friendly features for both drivers and office staff. It covers most of the needs and requirements of a modern transport company.

The Onboard computer collects all key data automatically from your vehicle (CAN Bus or FMS-interface), from the Tachograph and from your drivers (through the fixed android screen). The data is sent to Vehco Weboffice which is a powerful application for your Transport Manager

The easy-to-use interface, based on a native android client, assists your drivers in their daily work with a direct access to updated information, real time feedback on their driving behavior, alerts on their driving hours, simplified administrative tasks and an integrated navigation. 

Vehco Play Demo 
Vehco Onboard helps us to streamline our Operations in an efficient way, it is a complete solution covering all our needs of a Fleet Management System
Dennis Karlsson, Marketing Manager, Götene Kyltransporter
Vehco Mobile in Smartphones/tablets
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