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Ahola Transport continues to invest in environment and road traffic safety with Vehco

In a press release on February 13th 2017, Ahola Transport presents an investment of an additional 150 vehicle computers from Vehco that are now deployed. The key drivers are to reduce the carbon footprint and increase road traffic safety. The system helps and motivates to a more environmental friendly and safer driving.

Read more from the pressrelase below:

With this investment Ahola Transport has a standardized system for the entire fleet. The system has been delivered by Vehco, that Ahola Transport has been cooperating with for many years. The system coaches the drivers to optimize the driving behavior. The result will be lower fuel consumption, a lower impact on the environment and a safer driving behavior in the traffic.

High Index generates result

"- Instead of only measuring and reporting fuel consumption, we measure the factors in driving behavior that directly has an impact on consumption and emissions, says Quality Manager Birgitta Hatt. She continues by saying that "drivers have the possibility with every load, heavy or light and in every weather condition to drive with a behavior of their best environmental and traffic safety level. The measurements are compiled in a Green Wheels index, defined by Ahola Transport. To get a high Green Wheels Index the driver must reduce the speed, avoid vehicle idling, be able to take advantage of the kinetic energy of the vehicle and have a proactive driving that avoids harsh and unnecessary braking.The investment enables a positive increase of Green Wheel Index for the entire fleet, summarize Birgitta Hatt.

The concept Green Wheels is already used by Ahola Transport as a tool in the extensive environmental work that is done in the company. A high index indicates a safe, environmental friendly and economical driving.

“- Ahola Transport is one of our key customers that have used out Fleet Management solution for many years. We look forward to the opportunities the cooperation will offer as Vehco is implemented in the entire fleet and is integrated with Ahola Transport business solutions. Ahola Transport is at the forefront and has given us important feedback that has helped us develop our product” says Magnus Orrebrant, CEO, Vehco Group.

The investment of an increased amount of vehicle computers is also a part of the efficiency program that Ahola Transport published during the fall. One of the key stones in the program is to make the business more efficient by increased digitalization in the logistical services, says Jukka Raudasoja, Director of the Road Transportation Business Unit.

The environmental work in Ahola Transport is at a high priority level. The company has been environmental certified for many years.

Ahola Transport invests in vehicle comuters from Vehco

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Tue, 2018-05-22

The AddSecure Group acquires leading European Fleet Management specialist Vehco to support its continued expansion. The acquisition will further strengthen Vehco’s extensive growth within telematics for fleets with commercial vehicles. The acquisition will support Vehco’s expansion into new markets and product areas as well as the implementation of new cost-effective business models and Vehco’s development capacity.

Fri, 2018-04-27
Best practices in Eco-Driving from Ahola Transports

Based on very promising results in Eco-Driving for Ahlviks Åkeri OY, we called Caj Björkskog at Ahola Transports who is coaching the drivers at Ahlviks Åkeri in Eco-Driving.