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Kaj Johanssons åkeri one of the leaders in Vehco Eco Driving Challenge


Vehco has invited all its customers to a competition in eco-driving with the aim of improving driving behavior, reduce fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. During the last weeks, Kaj Johansson Åkeri & Allmiljö became the leader in Sweden in the Vehco Challange. We had a chat with Veronica Lövgren, who works as Quality Manager at Kaj Johanssons Åkeri about her view of the competition and the experience of Eco-Driving.

How long have you worked with eco-driving?
- I have been working on Kaj's for almost 10 years and the company had already started with Eco-driving and fuel management when I started. In 2009, we invested in Vehco Fleet Management System for Eco-Driving. In recent years, we have reduced carbon dioxide emissions quite much thanks to Eco-Driving and thanks to increased proportion of renewable fuels.

Why did you choose to participate in the Eco-Driving Challenge?
In previous years Vehco sent out a comparison on certain driving parameters and we tended to be good, especially in the rollout. We know we have good drivers, so we thought it would be interesting to participate in Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge and use the new dashboard and Eco-Driving Index.
I think it's a great concept to weight different parameters and get an overall picture of the driving performance. Today we have a top-list with the best drivers with regards to idling, roll out and wasted energy due to breaking. Today, 28 of our 65 vehicles use the index but the plan is to introduce it to all as soon as possible. It was really great that we managed to take the lead this week!

How has mobile data and vehicle computers improved your business?

The first improvement is that we digitalized the order process to eliminate paper handling. You should look at a system that is able to sync with order management systems, booking systems or accounting systems. It is a smart investment with the support of a data system to get a better overview and easier transportation planning directly in WebOffice. The Tacho Download is also important so that you can minimize the violations and keep the drive- and resting times. Obviously, we see Eco-Driving as something very positive! For example, you can offer the drivers a good help in the cabin to improve the driver behavior. In addition, we save a lot of time to use the quick messaging service communicate with the drivers and vehicles.

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Fri, 2018-02-23
Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge reduced emissions with 1850 tonnes of CO2

In March 2017 , Vehco invited its customers to "Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge 2017”. The competition was a great success where about 50 companies with approximately 7600 drivers and 3 500 vehicles participated. Vehco’s estimations show reduced CO2-emissions of about 1850 tonnes and a reduction of the fuel consumption by about 700 100 liters of diesel for the companies that competed. For the customers, this also meant reduced fuel costs by approximately 770 K€. Dagab Backa became the European Champion.

Tue, 2018-01-30
We welcome Sävsjö Transport and Sävsjö Termogods as new customers to Vehco

We welcome Sävsjö Transport and Sävsjö Termogods welcome as new customers at Vehco! The companies are part of the same Group and they operate in several special areas with transports across Sweden. A total of 55 systems (Vehco Connect with Vehco Mobile in tablets) have been installed in the company's vehicles.