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Thousands of drivers to join global Eco-Driving challenge when Vehco 5 is launched

Göteborg, Sweden (6 march, 2017). Already when Vehco started developing systems for Fleet Management in 2001, Eco-Driving was one of the key features. Over the year the system has grown to become a complete Fleet Management solution with functions meeting the requirements from the most demanding transportation companies. With the release of Vehco 5, Vehco lunches a new fixed android screen that will empower the drivers in their daily work. Also the office users will benefit from an upgraded user environment where a new user-friendly dashboard with Eco-Driving Index is one of the new features.


The Eco-Driving Index is a calulation of the overall eco-driving performance of a driver and is based on the six existing eco-driving measurements of Vehco, focusing on the behavior of the driver: Overspeed, Idle, Rollout, Coasting, Wasted energy and Harsh braking.

 Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge

The new index can easily be used for comparisions between drivers and companies. For this reason, Vehco invites all its customers to participate in a global Eco-Driving Challenge. The challenge will have an official start at the SITL trade show in Paris on March 14th. Each participant is able to follow its scores in the new Eco-driving dashboard in Vehco Weboffice. The leaders for each country are then presented on a scoreboard on Vehco Web.

 " We feel very excited about this contest. We hope our customers like the new index and that the challenge motivates them to further improve their driving behavior for reduced fuel consumption and less environmental impact. It has been thrilling to develop the new index and use all our extensive experience to make it as powerful as possible ”, says Vehco Co-founder and Product Owner, Magnus Gunnergård.

 The scoreboards are updated every week and both participants and followers are welcome to comment on the results on Vehcos Social Networks (LinkedIn and Facebook). By the end of the year there will be a price ceremony for the most successful companies in each country and over all. 

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Tue, 2018-05-22

The AddSecure Group acquires leading European Fleet Management specialist Vehco to support its continued expansion. The acquisition will further strengthen Vehco’s extensive growth within telematics for fleets with commercial vehicles. The acquisition will support Vehco’s expansion into new markets and product areas as well as the implementation of new cost-effective business models and Vehco’s development capacity.

Fri, 2018-04-27
Best practices in Eco-Driving from Ahola Transports

Based on very promising results in Eco-Driving for Ahlviks Åkeri OY, we called Caj Björkskog at Ahola Transports who is coaching the drivers at Ahlviks Åkeri in Eco-Driving.