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The truck central Värnamo/Ljungby new customer to Vehco

We welcome LBC Värnamo / Ljungby welcome as a new customer to Vehco! The company is a truck central that offers transportation, earth moving, gravel and soil deliveries, as well as field contracts with offices in Värnamo and operations in Ljungby and Vrigstad.

LBC Värnamo Ljungby new customer to Vehco

In total, 50 systems have been installed from Vehco (Vehco Mobile with tablet), and it is primarily the services Positioning, Quick Messaging, Order Management and Qualified Activities that will be used. Through the Qualified Activities service, the drivers will, among other things, report how much fuel (HVO100) they refuel. We welcome LBC Värnamo / Ljungby to Vehco! Will do everything we can to make them a satisfied customer and we hope we will work successfully together for a long time!

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Tue, 2018-05-22

The AddSecure Group acquires leading European Fleet Management specialist Vehco to support its continued expansion. The acquisition will further strengthen Vehco’s extensive growth within telematics for fleets with commercial vehicles. The acquisition will support Vehco’s expansion into new markets and product areas as well as the implementation of new cost-effective business models and Vehco’s development capacity.

Fri, 2018-04-27
Best practices in Eco-Driving from Ahola Transports

Based on very promising results in Eco-Driving for Ahlviks Åkeri OY, we called Caj Björkskog at Ahola Transports who is coaching the drivers at Ahlviks Åkeri in Eco-Driving.