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Vehco introduces "Fleet Management a la carte"

Vehco Group introduces a new a la carte offer for a completely customizable telematics solution. Each customer will be able to create his own tailored solution thanks to the selection of services adapted to his needs.

Every company has unique needs. Some Transport Managers want to follow and modify their missions in real time for an efficient vehicle dispatch and optimal customer service. Others, facing the daily challenge of respecting norms and legislations, look for tools to monitor working hours or the temperature of their goods. There are numerous different needs. To meet these requirements, Vehco adapts its offer and launches an a la carte solution.

Vehco’s software suite is now called Co-Driver

As a real Co-Driver for drivers and their managers, it includes more than 20 services helping companies to manage their vehicles, drivers, transport missions, trailers and working times:

  • Vehicle Management: Positioning and tracking, Geofencing, Eco-Driving, Fuel management
  • Driver Management: Activities, Navigation, Messages
  • Social Management: Remote tachograph download/Analysis, Drive- and resting times, Expense Calculation
  • Transport Management: Missions, Orders, Route calculation
  • Trailer Management: Trailer/vehicle association, Tracking, Door management, Temperature monitoring

Co-Driver is used on hardware by Vehco or on devices from the customer (BYOD)
The services can be combined and selected in detail to fulfil the needs of any Fleet Manager. Co-Driver software suite runs on the following equipment:

  • Vehco Connect Light: a specific device (OBDII-dongle) for light vehicles management 
  • Vehco Connect: an on-board computer connected to the vehicle and the tachograph
  • Vehco Vision: a screen in the vehicle that is used together with Vehco Connect
  • Vehco Asset: a device for temperature monitoring and positioning of trailers or any other equipment
  • Vehco Mobile: Vehco’s BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) solution to get Co-Driver on your own android devices

Being attentive to, and collaborating with our customers, has always been a priority for Vehco” declares Anna Stoldt, Vehco’s Chief Marketing and Sales Officer. “This renewal will perfectly adapt our offer to the customers’ new needs and the new market requirements. And we think that the best way to do this is to give them the opportunity to build the solution that exactly fits their expectations, no more, no less.

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Fri, 2018-02-23
Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge reduced emissions with 1850 tonnes of CO2

In March 2017 , Vehco invited its customers to "Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge 2017”. The competition was a great success where about 50 companies with approximately 7600 drivers and 3 500 vehicles participated. Vehco’s estimations show reduced CO2-emissions of about 1850 tonnes and a reduction of the fuel consumption by about 700 100 liters of diesel for the companies that competed. For the customers, this also meant reduced fuel costs by approximately 770 K€. Dagab Backa became the European Champion.

Tue, 2018-01-30
We welcome Sävsjö Transport and Sävsjö Termogods as new customers to Vehco

We welcome Sävsjö Transport and Sävsjö Termogods welcome as new customers at Vehco! The companies are part of the same Group and they operate in several special areas with transports across Sweden. A total of 55 systems (Vehco Connect with Vehco Mobile in tablets) have been installed in the company's vehicles.