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  • Fleet Management Solution a la carte
    Pick and choose your services and create your own solution
  • Vehco Connect
    Effiziente Verwaltung des Fuhrparkes und schneller Zugang zu allen relevanten Daten des Fahrzeuges
  • Vehco Mobile (BYOD)
    Eine flexible Lösung für das Verwalten von Transportaufträgen und Fahrern, wenn keine Fahrzeuginformationen erforderlich sind. Die Vehco-App kann einfach heruntergeladen und in Android-Geräte (Tablet oder Smartphone) installiert werden (BYOD)
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    Your Fleet Management Solution

    Pick and choose exactly what you need from our a la carte solutions Mehr info
  • Vehco Connect Grön Fordonsdator för hög produktivitet

    Vehco Connect

    Vehco Connect, die 5te Generation von Onboard Computern - kombiniert die Vorteile von heute mit den Möglichkeiten von morgen Mehr info
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    Vehco Mobile

    Der Fahrer wendet das System mit Hilfe einer App (Tablet oder Smartphone) an um Touren und Aktivitäten im Fahrzeug zu bearbeiten. Mehr info
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    "Das System von Vehco ist benutzerfreundlich, zeitsparend und vereinfacht den Arbeitsalltag " - Florian Lichtmess, Fuhrparkleiter bei Götz Transport GmbH



Ein europäischer Volldienstleister für Telematiklösungen für schwere Nutzfahrzeuge mit Vertriebsbüros und Betreuung vor Ort.


The coronavirus situation has impacted people’s lives around the world. At Vehco PArt of Addsecure we continuously monitor the development of the Corona pandemic and its effect on the global community. Being a communications and solutions company, you can rest assured that the performance of our secure critical communications and data will not be impacted. We have a business continuity plan in place and the service we provide our customers will not be compromized. And it goes without saying, that the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners are paramount.

What is a Fleet Management System?

A Fleet Management System helps companies to keep track of their vehicles (and often also their drivers) in different areas. There are several reasons why most transporting companies use Fleet Management Systems. The most important goals are to reduce the transport administration, to simplify the management of the drivers and the vehicles, to lower the overall fuel consumption and to make it easier to comply with laws and regulations.
Most Fleet Management systems make it possible for the office staff to see where all the vehicles and resources are located in real-time and in the history (Positioning, Tracking, Geofencing). In advanced systems, there is normally also a screen in the vehicle where also the driver can use the various services offered by the system.
A Fleet Management System usually consists of some type of onboard computer installed in the vehicle. The computer is normally connected to the vehicle's control/electrical system (e.g. via CAN bus, the FMS gateway or OBD2 interface) to collect data (from the engine, gearbox, brakes etc) and to send it to a centralized server. Many systems are also connected to the tachograph to collect drive- and resting times events (D8-connection) and to copy and send the legal files to a centralized server for storage and analysis of tacho data. The vehicle computer communicates via the mobile network with an office application that noramlly is web-based.
Below are examples of services that normally can be offered through a Fleet Management system.

Vehicle Management: Positioning, Tracking, Geofence, Start- and stop reporting, Eco-Driving, Fuel Monitoring, Emission Reporting, Tank Reporting, Checklists, Diagnosis, Service Intervals, Vehicle Activities, Vehicle Reports

Driver Management: Driver Activities (non-driving activities), Navigation (GPS), Quick Messaging, Speed ​​Control, Traffic Safety (ISA), Driver Reports

Working time management (Social Management): Reporting and monitoring of working hours and costs, downloading files from tachographs and driver cards, storage and analysis of tachograph files, drive- and resting timmes, resource management, working time reports

Transport Management: Digital Handling of Transport Missions, Route Calculation, Temperature Monitoring of Goods, Transport Reporting

Trailer Management: Trailer Position, Trailer Tracking, Door Monitoring, Trailer Coupling, Start- and stop reports for trailers

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Mo, 2019-09-02
Vehco acquires Poland’s leading Fleet Management company, frameLOGIC, to strengthen its European footprint

Göteborg, Sept 2, 2019: Vehco acquires Poland’s leading Fleet Management company, frameLOGIC, to strengthen its European footprint. Through the a

Fr, 2017-08-11
Skoogs åkeri explains how Vehco makes the working day more efficient in Trailer Magazine

In number 8 of Trailer Magazine, Skoogs Åkeri in Ängelholm tells us how to use Vehco's systems to simplify work both in the office and in the vehicles. "One of the goals of Vehco's IT solutions is to make it easier for the driver's everyday life. Something that has been achieved according to Håkan Larsson at Skoogs Åkeri in Ängelholm."