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Transport strategy
2018-06-20 18:15

Today's digital landscape has given the customer a more important role towards its suppliers. Both the companies and their customers are aware of this increased power and the trend suggests that businesses need to work harder to meet the requirements from their customers. Companies that use a well-adapted FMS in their business can therefore use the system to increase customer satisfaction.

 Through the use of FMS, transportation managers can really impact the customer service experience. There is, among other things, the opportunity to see in real time where the vehicles are located and whether they are available for new assignments. In this way, a dispatcher can quickly see if a transport can be carried out or not...

Transport strategy
2018-06-20 18:12

Another trend in Fleet Management is that more and more companies let their users use devices they have brought in themselves (BYOD). A wider definition of the term is used for companies that purchase devices such as mobile phones and tablets that the employees use at work.

There are several reasons why BYOD now increases in popularity. BYOD means that employees use the same or similar devices that they use in their spare time. This may, according to studies done in the area [Source: Berg Insight], lead to higher efficiency because employees handle operating systems and hardware as they are used to more efficiently than specific business solutions.


Within Fleet Management...

Transport strategy
2018-06-20 18:06

Most medium- and large sized transportation companies now see FMS as natural to operate efficiently. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, telematics solutions have evolved into an important competitive advantage. Having not yet invested in an FMS can lead to lost revenue or higher operating costs than competitors. Another factor that contributes to the trend is the continued focus on the environmental issue - reducing unnecessary negative environmental impact. Those companies who today use FMS have also begun to realize the importance of choosing the right system. As the number of solutions has grown, it has become more important to choose a system that fits the business based on...


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