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Join Vehco Eco-driving Challenge!

All Vehco customers are welcome to join the Eco-Driving Challenge!

All Vehco customers, who use our Eco-Driving service (via Vehco 4 or Vehco 5), are invited to participate in our global Eco-Driving Challenge. There are many advantages for companies who participate: it is fun and exciting, it creates a competing spirit, it helps our customers to communicate good initiatives, it saves fuel and reduces the emissions and the winners are well awarded!

Read more about the rules and how we use the eco-driving index in the Challenge here. Regularly we present the leaders for each country through the scoreboards here. The challenge is run between March 1 until December 31. It is possible to join the challenge at any time, and we hope as many as possible of our customers will participate. NOTE: Only the best companies in each country are presented in the tables, no risk for bad will!

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