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06 Sep 2012
  • Business

Sobotram harmonizes its heavy trucks fleet managment with mixed equipment

Brest, France, September 6th 2012 : SOBOTRAM, member of the ASTRE group, was consolidated these last years with the integration of 5 entities (Sobotram, Perrier, Berthelard, Sopardis, and Soboroute), each entity had a different fleet management system.SOBOTRAM chose Vehco to harmonize these equipments with a mixed solution:Vehco On-board with touch screen or Vehco Mobile with PDA terminal, and on-board computer.

28 Jun 2012
  • Business

Cordier Transports go back on Vehco's solution

Brest, France, June 28th 2012: Cordier Transports (21), first historical customer of Vehco France (ELO Systèmes at that time) renews its confidence with the French manufacturer of fleet management solutions and equips its entire fleet.Equipped since 1999, it is the third generation of embedded equipments for Cordier Transports and the company has decided to go back on Vehco for its effectiveness and the ergonomics of cartography and ecodriving

01 May 2012
  • Business

Blomqvist Trucking equips 300 trucks with Vehco Onboard during 2012

Nørresundby, Denmark, May1st 2012 : Vehco Group, Denmark - market leader in automotive communications - has been commissioned in 2012 to equip 300 trucks of Blomqvist Trucking in Slovakia with its Fleet Management System Vehco Onboard. Thanks to state of the art technology and a system that offers all the features a modern Fleet Management System should have, Vehco won the deal in sharp competition with other large FMS operators in Europe.

27 Mar 2012
  • Business

STAF chooses Vehco for its cold solution

Brest, France, March 27th 2012: STAF chose Vehco’s fleet management solution (formely ELOmobile) to equip their heavyweight vehicles (450 trucks and 450 semitrailers equipped with refrigerating units from Carrier Transicold).

06 Mar 2012
  • Business

Patrick Lahaye chooses ELOmobile (Vehco France) for the Montmur Group

Brest, France, March 6th 2012: ELOmobile (Vehco Group) has been selected to equip the back offices and the vehicles of the Montmur Group with their fleet management solution (500 heavy-trucks and 250 refrigerating semitrailers).

17 Jan 2012
  • Business

Vehco will equip CANAVESE with its fleet management solution

Brest, France, January 17th 2012: Vehco France (ELOmobile - Vehco group) has just won the contract to equip the integrality of the group CANAVESE fleet with its on-board management solution ELOcom. The integration of this equipment on the 100 heavy weight vehicles of CANAVESE group will enable the French carrier to optimize the distribution of its fruit and vegetables.

05 Jan 2012
  • Business

Transports Vallee selects ELOmobile to otpimize their fleet management

Brest, France, January 5th, 2012: Vehco France (ELOmobile - Vehco group) and Transports Vallee finalized the deployment of the ELOmobile solution for all the 200 heavyweight vehicles of the carrier’s fleet. Thanks to this investment, Transports Vallee will improve the management of their fleet, and will set up a complete dematerialization of the transport documents in order to improve the information flow.

15 Jul 2011
  • Corporate

Vehco stengthens it's local precence in Spain

Göteborg, Sweden - July 15th 2011 - Vehco continues its strong expansion in European key markets by acquiring its distributing company in Spain, Konexiona Tecnología y transporte, and setting up a Vehco subsidiary. All forces of Konexiona will join the Vehco Group as they will work and support the customers under the name of Vehco.

13 May 2011
  • Business

Eurovia Breatgne selects ELOmobile (Vehco France) for the security of its isolated workers.

Brest, France, May 13th 2011: ELOmobile - Vehco Group, French leader in solutions to optimize the management of professional vehicles fleets and Eurovia Bretagne, manufacturer of transport infrastructures and urban development, announce to have signed an agreement on the deployment of the ELOmobile solution called ELOsafe, to protect the Eurovia isolated workers.

03 Apr 2011
  • Corporate

Vehco and ELOmobile join forces

Göterborg, Sweden, March 4th 2011: Vehco is pursuing its successful European strategy that combines both a large international reach and a strong local presence by adding ELOmobile’s strong base in France to its already envied position in Northern Europe.


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