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Best practices in Eco-Driving from Ahola Transports

Based on very promising results in Eco-Driving for Ahlviks Åkeri OY, we called Caj Björkskog at Ahola Transports who is coaching the drivers at Ahlviks Åkeri in Eco-Driving. The team has performed beautifully, and we wanted to understand the secrets behind the incredible performances.!

Caj Ahola Transports

Caj explains that he is working according to a model that he calls AEC*:

- A: Attitude

- E: Evidence

- C: Coaching

 Below he explains breifly what he means in each area


Without the right attitude, it is difficult to get the drivers to perform well and to believe in Eco-Driving. It is all about getting the drivers to understand the connection between their brains and their right foot! Some drivers are easy to convince, but there are always some drivers who require more push to “get onboard”. Caj means that something that often works is to praise progress, even if it is small. It is important to explain that everyone can contribute to the overall result and everything counts! If you only focus on what to do, it is definitely possible for everybody to get over the target line!


Once the right attitude is established, you need the evidence to prove you are right. With continuous measurements, individual follow up and reporting most drivers will sooner or later understand what makes sense and how they should drive to improve their driving behavior. Caj reports and shows the driving performance through Vehco Eco Driving Index on a group level. This is good for the competitive spirit and he means it is important that the drivers don’t feel that they are not “hung out” with their names. In addition, the drivers can see their individual scores through the personal reports that are generated and distributed from Vehco Weboffice.

Ahola Transport - satisfied customer to Vehco Fleet Management


Finally, coaching is required to help the drivers to improve the driving behavior. The coaching can be executed in a formal way through training sessions or organized so that drivers help and coach each other. Caj encourages drivers and managers to challenge each other who has the best driving behavior. “I pay your lunch if you drive better than me”. This is a very efficient way to motivate the drivers and to share experiences, tips and advices what works.


*) In Swedish the model is called ABC: Attityd, Bevis och Coaching.

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