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Controlled flexibility with Vehco Vision Mobile, the new Android tablet from Vehco

Vehco introduces Vehco Vision Mobile, a flexible Android tablet for use in commercial vehicles. The tablet can be used “stand-alone” or together with the onboard computer Vehco Connect when data from the vehicle or tachograph is required. The new tablet is based on a cutting-edge design and it brings greater flexibility and higher productivity for transportation companies who require a professional tablet that is managed by Vehco.

Göteborg, Sweden (21 March, 2018). During 2017 Vehco launched Vehco Vision Fixed, an Android screen for use in commercial vehicles that is connected to the onboard computer Vehco Connect. Based on customer requirements, Vehco now lunches Vehco Vision Mobile. The new professional tablet can be used “stand alone” or together with Vehco Connect (when data from the vehicle or tachograph is required).  

Vehco Vision Mobile: Android Tablet for Heavy Commercial Vehicles

 The new tablet comes with built-in modem, GPS, camera, cradle and charger. It has been created for transportation companies who need a device that supports mobility but who wants to limit the operational costs (like SIM-traffic). Typical functions that the new tablet offers are document scanning, taking photos of damaged goods with the camera, capturing of signatures and scanning of barcodes.

 Naturally, other services offered by Vehco are also available through Vehco Vision Mobile (with or without Vehco Connect). Example of such services include Positioning, Navigation, Messaging, Missions, Drive- and Resting times, Eco-Driving, Fuel Management and Tacho Download. To ensure high uptime and availability, Vehco Vision Mobile is managed fully by Vehco. This means that only applications that have been approved by Vehco can be activated and used in the tablet.

“With the Vehco Vision Mobile we offer our customers a user-friendly device with controlled flexibility. I think it will be a popular choice for many types of transportation companies who value a hassle-free solution that supports the mobile use-case, says Anna Stoldt, CSMO at Vehco.

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