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Hagéns Åkeri reduces fuel consumption through Vehco Eco-Driving

We welcome Hagéns Åkeri as a new customer to Vehco!

Hagéns Åkeri AB is a company that is focused in special transports. The company was formed in 1956 and currently it employs more than 20 employees and has an annual sales of approximately SEK 30 million. Through Vehco's Services Refueling and Eco-Driving, the company now intends to get full control of fuel and reduce consumption in the company's vehicles. Hagéns has installed the Vehco Connect onboard computer with the Vehco Mobile app (downloaded to tablets or phones).

Hagéns Åkeri invests in Vehco Fleet Management to reduce the fuel consumption

One important reason why the company chose Vehco as a supplier was Vehco's proven service for eco-driving, which provides concrete savings on fuel and lower emissions.

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