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We welcome Alfred Wende GmbH & Co. KG in Germany as new customer to Vehco.

We welcome Alfred Wende GmbH & Co. KG as new customer of Vehco! The company has been operating in the area around Fulda in Germany since 1947. Wende is focused on earthwork, demolition and construction waste recycling. A total of 14 Vehco Systems (Vehco Connect with Vehco Vision) have been installed in the vehicles.

Alfred Wende GmbH & Co. KG a new customer to Vehco in Germany

Among the different functions, offered by Vehco, Alfred Wende GmbH & Co. KG will focus on the following services:

  • Track and tracing of the vehicles, along with Geofence and detailed start-stop reports
  • Quick Messages between drivers and Back-office, including e-mail forwarding
  • Drive- and Resting Times for an optimized administration of the drivers, including detailed violation reports and an easy to use overview of the timeline
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